The Verge 2018 tech report card: The US government

In 2018, tech needed government more than ever. We were surrounded by problems that the industry couldn’t solve on its own, whether it was Russian trolls, growing monopoly fears, or the ever-escalating pace of cybersecurity failures. from

Early internet pioneer Larry Roberts dies at 81

The internet has lost one of its early architects. Larry Roberts, best known as the program manager for ARPAnet (the internet’s precursor), died on December 26th at the age of 81. from

More popular apps are sending data to Facebook without asking

It’s not just dating and health apps that might be violating your privacy when they send data to Facebook. from

Chinese schools keep tabs on kids with ‘intelligent uniforms’

Even schoolkids can’t escape China’s increasing obsession with surveillance. Over 10 schools in the country’s southwestern Guizhou province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region have made students wear “intelligent uniforms” from Guanyu Technology in the name of improving attendance and safety. from

NYPD will deploy a drone at Times Square on New Year’s Eve

Security at Times Square tends to be extra-tight on New Year’s Eve, but it’s now poised to have some robotic support. from

16 Best Gadgets Of The Year From Apple To Bose, Sonos To Sony

As 2018 slips in 2019, take a look back at the best, cutest and shiniest tech developments of the year. I’ve included links to the products I’ve liked most. As always, these have been independently chosen and there are no affiliate links in any of them. from

Did Apple retail prices get too high in 2018? Consumers say way yes.

From long lines to no lines, people aren’t buying into expensive X-series iPhones, consumers tell USA TODAY’s Jefferson Graham. USA TODAY Apple has for years been a premium brand that rarely, if ever discounted products. Period.   from

Google is Reportedly Rolling Out a Feature to Fight Spam in Your Texts

Everyone hates spam texts, but only some Android users are reporting they’re seeing alerts about a new spam protection feature from Google in their Messages app. According to Android Police, the update seems to be a limited rollout as it isn’t live on every single device yet. from–q9yDdWDU–/c_scale,f_auto,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/rr3zxhhqosgveflna9ju.jpg

FTC issues warning about a Netflix phishing scam

In between bouts of binge watching, keep a close eye on any emails you get that claim to be from Netflix. The Federal Trade Commission issued a warning today about fake messages claiming to be from the streamer that are really just trying to snag your login info or distribute malware. from

Snapchat lenses now officially work on dogs

Let’s not kid ourselves, you’ve tried to use Snapchat’s lenses on your dog before. Even if you’ve managed to make it work, Snapchat hasn’t technically dog-friendly at the time. from