Windows 10 October 2018 Update is now available for everyone to download

Microsoft has resolved a number of blocking bugs that prevented some Windows 10 users from installing the latest October 2018 Update. The software giant originally re-released this update last month, following some file deletion issues after its original release in October. from

Alexa Guard goes live, lets your Echo speakers listen for trouble

“Alexa, I’m leaving.” “OK — I’ll be on guard.” That’s the gist of Alexa Guard, a new feature from Amazon that lets your Echo devices keep an ear out for trouble when you’re away from home. from×0/2018/12/17/2386d381-8dda-42e4-9b1a-666c82dc253a/alexa-guard-notifications.jpg

Apple Music now works on Amazon Alexa smart speakers

If you’ve been waiting to listen to Apple Music on your Alexa-enabled smart speakers, it’s your lucky day. The skill for Apple Music is live and available via the Alexa app for Android and iPhone. from×0/2018/10/05/5b1ef3d4-090a-4be3-8678-f9b01711263a/second-gen-amazon-echo-show-product-photos-1.jpg

Movies Anywhere comes to Comcast Xfinity and now supports 4K on Android [APK Download]

Two Movies Anywhere tidbits for you today, including its addition to Comcast’s Xfinity and support for 4K streaming in the Android app. Subscribers with Xfinity On Demand or the Xfinity Stream app will now be able to take advantage of the huge catalog of blockbuster films. from

Trump administration eyes rolling back Obama-era school discipline policies

The Federal Commission on School Safety, formed in the wake of the massacre at a high school in Parkland, Florida, is recommending that Obama-era policies aimed at limiting racial disparities in school discipline be rescinded as a part of a comprehensive school safety report, the White House said on from

Microsoft has been hiding $10 gift cards in newsletter emails

Microsoft has been sneaking some holiday gifts into its email newsletters recently. Reddit posters noticed that if you click the red trees in a holiday promotional email from Microsoft then you’ll be sent to a separate site that provides a free $10 gift card. from

Watership Down: Trailer – BBC

SUBSCRIBE for more BBC highlights: full programmes on BBC iPlayer One’s star-studded new adaptation of Watership Down uses Richard Adams’ bestselling novel as its source to bring an innovative interpretation to the much loved classic.Adapted from

AT&T’s 5G network is live, if you live in the right city

If you live in one of a dozen US cities, you can tap into AT&T’s 5G network this week.The carrier, locked in a race with Verizon and other network operators to move to the next-gen wireless technology as fast as possible, is turning on its network on Tuesday. from×0/2018/10/26/f1e411db-f2fa-4d5e-949c-dd5f7a47db5a/20180910-at-t-cto-andre-feutsch.jpg