The web just got an official password-free login standard

Web Authentication (aka WebAuthn) has been a de facto standard for no-password web sign-ins for a while given that many tech giants are already using it, but now it’s official. from

Work out while you work using the $249 Cubii Pro Bluetooth Under Desk Elliptical

Today only, Woot is offering the Cubii Pro Bluetooth Under Desk Elliptical for just $249 via its Amazon store. That saves you $100 off its normal price of $349. It’s highly-rated with 4.3 out of 5 stars based on over 400 customer reviews. The Cubii Pro is compact and ergonomic. from

How to Hard Reboot the iPhone X

I hope you don’t have to do it, but you should still know how to hard reboot the iPhone X. Assuming yours wasn’t among the batch that was stolen, today might be the lucky day when you take ownership of the latest iOS device. from

Are We Really the Smartest Kid on the Cosmic Block?

It is unclear how many intelligent civilizations have arisen in the Milky Way galaxy so far, but if some have, a pressing question comes to mind: were they or are they more intelligent than we are? from

Treat your thumbs to a BlackBerry KEY2 or KEY2 LE from just $330 today only

Woot is offering some significant savings on both the BlackBerry KEY2 and KEY2 LE today. The phones are unlocked international versions of the handsets so will work on GSM carriers in the U.S. They are in new condition and come with a 1-year warranty from BlackBerry. from

Huawei will reportedly sue the US government this week

Huawei will reportedly sue the US government this week for banning its telecom products from federal agencies, according to the NY Times. from

Apple’s Radical New iPhone Suddenly Takes Shape

Apple has already updated its iPhones twice in 2019. The first was planned, the second launched in outrage. But now the company is zeroing in on Huawei and Samsung’s radical folding smartphones, as its most ambitious iPhone to date is taking shape… from

The Origin of Amethysts May Leave You Tingly

I must start our foray into this month’s birthstone with a confession: I didn’t think amethyst would be exciting. I find it nice but kind of ho-hum. So I decided to go big and explore the origins of those enormous amethyst geodes suitable for making into bathtubs. from