Game of Thrones’ final season trailer prepares us for the biggest fight yet

The first official trailer for the final season of Game of Thrones has landed, and it’s clear that everyone is gearing up for the fight of their lives. The main battle seems to be between Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and all of the North as they prepare for the White Walkers’ invasion. from

Singapore is testing Volvo’s full-sized driverless buses

Universities have proven solid training grounds for self-driving shuttles in Michigan and Melbourne. Now, a campus in Singapore is set to test a full-sized autonomous bus from Volvo. from

Aston Martin’s Lagonda All-Terrain EV suspends its key using electromagnets

Aston Martin’s Lagonda luxury brand will form part of the company’s move to EV and hybrid only vehicles by the mid-2020s. A year after relaunching the premium marque with the Lagonda Vision saloon, the British auto-maker is back at Geneva to show off its new SUV concept. from

Windows 10’s Mail app gets a full dark mode in latest update

Microsoft is introducing a more complete dark mode for its Mail app in Windows 10 today. The software maker has started rolling out a new update that includes a dark mode for the email portion of the app. Previously, the app would show a white background in emails instead of a black one. from

Apple supplier Corning is working on flexible glass for foldable displays

Corning, the glass manufacturer that currently provides Apple with Gorilla Glass for its iPhones, is working on a bendable version of the glass that could be with us in less than two years. from

Apple quietly bought Lighthouse’s AI home security camera patents

When Lighthouse’s intelligent security camera finally went on sale just over a year ago, the company believed that with AI recognition and 3D sensing technology, it offered something truly unique over its rivals. from

Kia goes wild with displays on its ‘Imagine’ concept EV

Kia threw around words like “emotion” and “surprise” to describe its latest concept EV, but the first thing I felt when seeing it was “confusion.” On the outside, “Imagine by Kia” is a handsome, muscular C-class crossover that, if anything, is a bit conservative for a concept car. from