Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme parks will open earlier than expected

We now know when to book our tickets to Disney’s brand-new Star Wars theme parks. The company announced today that it will open Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on May 31st in Florida’s Disney World Resort and on August 29th at Disneyland in California. from

Microsoft ‘Windows Core OS’ aims to turn Windows 10 into a modular platform for the future

Microsoft is taking the next steps in its “One Windows” vision with an internal project called “Windows Core OS” that turns Windows 10 into a fully modular platform and lays foundations for the future of Windows. from

Inside a Fukushima reactor: How VR gave me a scary-real experience

I’m inside of one of the reactors at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, site of the worst nuclear disaster in history. It’s pitch black, with only a flashlight to light my way. I glide over a metal catwalk, heading deeper into the reactor. from×0/2019/02/28/8bfc66b8-fad8-4afa-9e11-2c4a156911ed/fixing-fukushima.jpg