Google Assistant will soon be more conversational on smart displays

Google is rolling out “continued conversation” to smart displays over the next few days, the company has confirmed to Android Central. The tech giant launched the feature for smart speakers last year in an effort to make conversations with Assistant feel more natural. from

Warm-Blooded Animals Lost Ability to Heal the Heart

Thyroid hormone, which helps warm-blooded animals regulate body temperature, also appears to put a halt on heart regeneration. Christopher Intagliata reports. from

The Wisdom of Crowds Requires the Political Left and Right to Work Together

Debates between the political left and right—whether in Congress or at the dinner table—can turn so acrimonious it becomes hard to believe the two sides can ever come together and agree on anything, let alone work as a cohesive team. from

Samsung Galaxy Buds review: imperfectly acceptable

When I was in high school, shopping for new earphones with a single £20 note as my budget, I used to dream of earbuds without the wire. It wasn’t a complicated fantasy, just my ultra basic Sony buds sans fil, as the French would put it. from

YouTube adds fact checks to search results on sensitive topics

YouTube is launching new information panel that will appear when users search for controversial topics. The text boxes will appear at the top of search results and will offer fact checks from verified partners to help combat the spread of misinformation. from