The first woman to fly commercial to space describes what it’s like to see Earth from 55 miles up

On February 22nd, Virgin Galactic’s passenger spaceplane VSS Unity took to the skies above the Mojave Desert in California during a test flight, carrying a type of rider it’s never had before. On board the vehicle was Beth Moses, the first passenger the Unity has ever flown. from

Dark mode has taken over: the latest developments on this battery-saving feature

There’s a lot of hype surrounding dark mode, a simple toggle that lets you change the background color of an app window to black. Some enjoy it simply for aesthetic reasons and because it allows for a slightly customized look compared to the default design. from

Ford drops an electric blue-ish Mustang teaser on Tesla’s festivities

Just as Tesla’s scheduled Model Y reveal kicked off, Ford (the company Elon Musk said killed S-E-X-Y by blocking the Model E name) had something to show the people. from

Tesla unveils its Model Y crossover

To say Tesla has been busy lately is a bit of an understatement. It finally opened orders for its long-awaited $35,000 Standard Range Model 3, it reversed a decision to shutter some of its showrooms, and it showed off its V3 Supercharging. from