Google: Play Protect cut harmful Android app installs by 20% in 2018

It’s that time of year again: Google’s published its annual Android Security & Privacy Year in Review, the holistic report detailing the ways the Moutain View company’s made the over two billion devices running Android more secure. from

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“It’s Hell There”: This Is What It’s Like For Migrants Being Held In A Pen Underneath An El Paso Bridge

US immigration officials are holding hundreds of people in a temporary outdoor detention camp under a Texas bridge, where migrants are surrounded by fencing and sleeping on dirt. from

Head of iPhone and iPad chip design may have left Apple

Someone who helped make the iPad and iPhone as powerful as they are has reportedly departed Apple. Gerard Williams III led the team that created every A-series processor since the A7, but no more. Williams left Apple last month, according to Cnet. from×389.jpeg

21 best food cities around the world

One excellent meal is an example. Two is a coincidence. Thousands of excellent meals is a trend. Here we present a data-driven index of the world’s best cities for food lovers, based on qualitative evaluations by locals and visitors alike. from