Google Duplex is now live on all Android devices and iPhones

During Google I/O 2018, it’s safe to say that Google Duplex — the feature that enables the Google Assistant to call restaurants and make reservations on your behalf — stole the entire show. from

Beats’ new Powerbeats Pro are AirPods with a longer battery life and better fit

A couple of weeks after Apple shipped its second-generation AirPods, the company’s Beats division is finally making its own entrance into the true wireless earbuds market. The new $249.95 Powerbeats Pro ship in May and are Beats’ most significant product in years. from

Google Assistant gets its long-promised John Legend voice

It took the better part of a year to show up, but John Legend’s Google Assistant cameo is finally available in the US. Ask the AI helper to “talk like a Legend” and the singer’s dulcet tones will greet you when issuing certain commands, such as asking about the weather. from