Did Late Actor Michael Landon Get Cancer from Filming Close to a ‘Contaminated’ Nuclear Site?

Nearly 30 years after Michael Landon’s shocking death, details surrounding the Little House on the Prairie star’s health are being investigated. At the young age of 54, Landon died on July 1, 1991, from pancreatic cancer, just months after his diagnosis. from

A beginner’s guide to the Apple Watch: How to use its buttons and gestures, start workouts, and more

There’s not much in the way of physical instructions that come with the Apple Watch, so consider this your quick-start guide to this piece of wearable tech. 1. Display: This is the face of your Apple Watch. from

Trader who called bitcoin’s 84% decline in 2018 now sees $50,000 price target

Bitcoin is back from the dead. The renewed run has emboldened some analysts to make new calls, including one from a technical trader who correctly predicted bitcoin’s collapse in 2018, founder of Factor Research and Trading Peter Brandt. from