Apple TV app brings downloads for Game of Thrones to iPhone and iPad

Now you can download Game of Thrones to your iPad, just in time for the series finale airing Sunday. Apple is often late to the party, but this one’s cutting it real close.  from×0/2019/05/11/32e8ba52-fb50-410e-91d2-6ef4f02c4c02/65-apple-tv-app-2019.jpg

CO2 levels are the highest since humanity began

CO2 levels on Earth have officially hit 415 parts per million (ppm), according to readings taken at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Huawei. from

Supreme Court rules against Apple in App Store price fixing case

The Supreme Court has ruled against Apple in a long-standing case over price fixing in the App Store, in a decision that allows iPhone owners to proceed with a lawsuit against the company. The court heard arguments in the case in November, and the decision was expected sometime this spring. from

How to choose the right portable SSD

The price of an external storage drive is tied to a few factors: the amount of storage capacity you’re looking for, how fast the drive is at transferring your files, and its physical size. At this point, high-capacity external drives that require power adapters are surprisingly inexpensive. from