Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are struggling to stay online today

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are experiencing outages this morning. Downdetector maps show the services are struggling around the globe, but the issues seem to be the worst on the East Coast and in Europe. from

Android notifications arrive on Windows 10 ‘Your Phone’ app

Bill Gates might regret losing to Google in the mobile OS domain, but Microsoft continues to work on various projects for Android. It just rolled out Your Phone, an app that mirrors Android phone notifications so you can see them directly on your desktop. from

iOS 13 will fix the FaceTime eye contact problem

iOS 13’s third developer beta includes a new feature that makes it look like you’re staring directly at your front-facing camera during FaceTime calls, even when looking away at the person on your screen. from

Samsung has reportedly fixed the Galaxy Fold

Samsung has redesigned the Galaxy Fold to address the screen durability issues that torpedoed its launch, Bloomberg reports, with the folding phone soon to begin commercial production. from