Aircraft lands itself truly autonomously for the first time

Many airliners can land automatically, but they don’t really land autonomously — the airport is guiding them in with a radio signal (the Instrument Landing System). And when many smaller airports don’t have this feature, it’s not even an option. from

Microsoft takes on macOS Catalina with Windows 1.0

With great fanfare, Microsoft took to Twitter the announce Windows 1.0. Wait… what? If this leaves you confused, you’re hardly alone. What this company’s plans are for an operating system that launched in 1985 is a complete mystery. from×424.jpg

What to Look Forward to in MacOS Catalina

The iPad may be getting impressively close to Everyday Computer territory, but there is still something about the desktop software experience on a Mac that a mobile device can’t replace. from,c_limit/Gear-Catalina-AP_19154761058454.jpg