Steam’s redesigned Library is available to everyone

Your Steam game collection is about to look decidedly different. Valve has released a Steam update that brings the redesigned Library to everyone, giving you a smarter (and hopefully easier) view of your catalog. from

Apple re-releases HomePod update to avoid bricking speakers

Relax, HomePod owners — it’s now safe to update your speaker again. Apple has re-released the HomePod’s multi-user update (now 13.2.1) to fix the problem that bricked some users’ speakers, particularly after they tried to solve the issue by rebooting their device. from

Mark Zuckerberg still won’t ban ‘political’ ads from Facebook

For the better part of the past four years, Facebook just hasn’t been able to keep its name out of the bad news cycle. The latest backlash the company is facing has to do with its political ad policies, which essentially allow politicians to spread misinformation on the site. from

Slow iPhone sales didn’t stop Apple from its best Q4 revenue ever

Apple today reported its fiscal fourth quarter 2019 earnings, which saw the company earn a record $64 billion in revenue. The news reflects the general trend with Apple over the past year: iPhone sales are down, but service revenue hit an all-time high. from

Twitter will ban all political advertising starting in November

Twitter is banning all political ads globally, starting November 22nd, according to tweets by the company’s CEO Jack Dorsey on Wednesday. The changes will affect both candidate ads and issue ads, although ads encouraging voter registration will still be allowed, along with other exceptions. from

AT&T’s new unlimited phone plans drop WatchTV

AT&T is shuffling up its phone plans once again, and this time the focus won’t surprise anyone. from

Google Search will stop indexing Flash content this year

Flash was impressive back in the day. Games, animations and interactive elements were right there in your browser. But as the internet matured, Flash did not. In fact, it became a nuisance and a security risk. from–stop-indexing-flash/

How to find your Apple Watch

Even the best of us can occasionally misplace an item. Even something like the Apple Watch, which is usually safe on your wrist, can be lost. You come home from a run, pull off your watch and drop it — somewhere in the living room. from

What DC Comics needs to learn from Joker’s success

Todd Phillips’ supervillain origin story Joker is well on its way to a probable billion-dollar gross at the global box office, which would make it the second-most successful DC Comics film of the post-Christopher Nolan era. from

Australia wants to verify porn users by scanning their faces

Australia has proposed another in a series of zany attempts to control the internet. This time, the government wants to do facial scans to confirm a user’s age before they can watch porn or gamble online, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. from