Top 10 Toddler Podcasts You Must Follow in 2019

1. The Teaching Your Toddler Podcast

The Teaching Your Toddler Podcast

Denver, Colorado, United States About Podcast Fun activities for you and your toddler, age-appropriate activities that your child will love – letters, numbers, crafts, snacks, Spanish words, music and much more.
Frequency 1 episode / week
Twitter followers 85 ⋅ Domain Authority 12

2. Little Breakfast Chats

Little Breakfast Chats

About Podcast Listen in on breakfast with Willow, a delightfully talkative toddler. Stay tuned to get latest updates on Little Breakfast Chats.
Frequency 2 episodes / month
Domain Authority 73

3. Whole Heart | Crunchy Parenting

Whole Heart | Crunchy Parenting

About Podcast A podcast for parents who want to do things differently from birth to toddlerhood through preschool years. Parenting Specialist, Chelsea Vail (single mom to twins) school parents on hot topics from a ‘crunchy’ perspective and drops knowledge on research-based techniques for raising loving, happy, healthy kiddos.
Frequency 1 episode / day
Social Engagement 3 ⋅ Domain Authority 73

4. The Infant Toddler Toolbox

The Infant Toddler Toolbox

About Podcast The Infant Toddler Toolbox is a podcast for parents and other early childhood educators! Co-hosted by Alaina Nace-Meyer and Jennifer Addleman, this show takes a look at the important aspects of education that all educators face, and provides specific tips and advice for young people through a challenging and exciting time in their lives.
Frequency 9 episodes / year
Social Engagement 9 ⋅ Domain Authority 85

5. Janet Lansbury Unruffled

Janet Lansbury Unruffled

Los Angeles, California, United States About Podcast Janet Lansbury Unruffled is a podcast by Janet who gives parenting lessons for elevating your child’s personality. Her work informs, inspires, and supports caregivers of infants and toddlers across the globe, helping to create relationships of trust, love and respect.
Frequency 3 episodes / month
Twitter followers 10.5K ⋅ Instagram Followers 104.2K ⋅ Social Engagement 2 ⋅ Domain Authority 54

6. Teach Me To Talk

Teach Me To Talk

Louisville, Kentucky, United States About Podcast Laura Mize is a pediatric and a speech-language pathologist who specializes in treating young children, ages birth to three, with communication delays and disorders and also helps parents to teach a toddler to understand and use language.
Frequency 1 episode / quarter
Social Engagement 2 ⋅ Domain Authority 37

7. Little Stories for Tiny People | Anytime and bedtime stories for kids

Little Stories for Tiny People | Anytime and bedtime stories for kids

Columbia, Maryland, United States About Podcast Little Stories for Tiny People is a kids’ podcast featuring original kids‘ stories and poems that will delight the tiny people in your life. Perfect for bleary-eyed parents, innovative preschool teachers, and at-wits’-end babysitters looking for alternative and non- way to engage the toddlers and young kids they love at bedtime or anytime! Each story for children is lovingly written and performed with attention to the whimsical senses of humor children often possess.
Frequency 2 episodes / month
Twitter followers 1.1K ⋅ Instagram Followers 700 ⋅ Domain Authority 37

8. Learn With Less

Learn With Less

About Podcast If you’re looking for information about baby development or looking for ideas about how to play with your baby to support development, Learn With Less is where we discuss all things early parenthood and early childhood. Join Ayelet Marinovich, mother of two and pediatric speech-language pathologist, for a podcast for parents, caregivers, and educators of infants and toddlers. Learn With Less is the place for families to access high quality, evidence-based resources about how their infants and toddlers learn and develop.
Frequency 1 episode / month
Twitter followers 271 ⋅ Instagram Followers 1K ⋅ Domain Authority 3

9. The Lily & Sam Show

The Lily & Sam Show

Stour Provost, England, United Kingdom About Podcast The Lily & Sam podcast is a short conversation with a toddler. Stay tuned to listen to the latest news.
Frequency 1 episode / month
Twitter followers 47 ⋅ Domain Authority 8