Verizon is giving away Android TV boxes to home 5G subscribers

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You probably didn17;t notice it, but Verizon (Engadget’s parent company) has a dedicated media player of its own. The carrier quietly released a Stream TV meant to 5G Home subscribers who’ve figuratively and literally cut the television cord. It’s really a straightforward Android TV device with support for 4K video, Chromecast streaming and a Google Assistant-capable voice remote. , Verizon is hoping that you’ll use this to take advantage of its Disney+ deal, tack YouTube TV on to your bill or stream with one of Yahoo’s apps.

Really, the pricing is the hook. The Stream TV costs $70 by itself, but is included with 5G Home service. The stand-alone option isn’t the affordable way to stream 4K in any form (Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K costs $50), but it’s hard to object to receiving one with your internet access — you can take advantage of that fixed wireless without having to shop for extra hardware. Just don’t expect this hardware to be an absolute media powerhouse.

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