The Morning After: Motorola RAZR returns as a $1,500 foldable phone

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Two the most-leaked products this year have been officially unveiled. We knew they were coming, but now we’ve seen Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro (and put our fingers on its revamped keyboard) as well as Motorola’s foldable RAZR. Beyond the new hardware, there’s a deeply discounted iPad Pro to consider, and Netflix is teaming up with Nickelodeon to fight back against Disney+.

The butterfly keyboard is dead.Apple unveils a 16-inch MacBook Pro

To answer some of your likeliest questions: Yes, it’s fast; no, it’s not as big or as heavy as you think; no, there’s still no SD card reader and yes, there’s a new keyboard that brings back “scissor” switches and copies Apple’s Magic Keyboard for desktops. After 24 hours, Engadget Editor in Chief Dana Wollman writes “Yes, I like it. Quite a lot.”

The starting price has stayed the same as the 15-inch model it replaces at $2,399 for the entry-level configuration and $2,799 for the step-up model. It’s slightly heavier at 4.3 pounds but also upgrades the battery inside from 84Wh to 100Wh — the largest size allowed on planes. We’ll need more time for a full review, but with a bigger screen, improved microphone and speakers and a physical escape button, things are looking up.

Forget the leaks — it’s time to go hands-on.Motorola’s revived RAZR is a fashion-forward foldable

Confirming the rumors we’ve heard all year, Motorola is rolling out a Verizon-exclusive $1,500 handset that folds up while reviving the classic RAZR in name and style. Now that Chris Velazco has checked out the device at Motorola’s LA launch event, he said that while “people who demand peak smartphone performance or superior battery might be a little disappointed… the company might be on to something.

Amazingly, making a small device that unfolds into a regular-sized smartphone is more appealing to many than the Galaxy Fold approach of turning a phone into a tablet. The RAZR has a few features that are usable while it’s closed, and the motion of its hinge — which relies on that sizable chin for support — makes the phone satisfying to open. And when it’s open, that 6.2-inch, 21:9 screen is ready to go. What we’ll need to find out in our review is if its smallish dual-battery setup and midrange specs are too big of a sacrifice for the high price of flexibility.

In case you need something more powerful than a MacBook Pro.Apple now says the Mac Pro will arrive in December

Other than the new 16-inch laptop, Apple confirmed that non-EDM DJs will be able to grab its new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR in December. A spokesperson now says that the machine can handle six simultaneous 8K streams, up from the previous claim of three streams, made back when the machine was unveiled at WWDC in June.

With a new ‘Avatar’ live-action seriesNetflix and Nickelodeon team up to take on Disney+

Nickelodeon and Netflix have announced a new multi-year deal to produce original animated content based on the Nickelodeon library and new characters. The details are still vague, but the companies have previously worked together to bring us Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus and Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling and promised a “reimagined” live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender series with original creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko involved again.

On April 20th a leak during similar tests destroyed one Crew Dragon capsule.SpaceX successfully completes Crew Dragon engine tests without an explosion

Everything that was on fire was supposed to be on fire.

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And its Black Friday ad is here for you to see the deals coming up in two weeks.Walmart’s early Black Friday deal: 512GB 10.5-inch iPad Pro for $599

This iPad Pro is the older second-generation model that lacks FaceID and a USB-C port, but it still packs plenty of power and runs the latest multitasking-friendly iPad OS. Walmart’s pre-Black Friday price of $599 is cheaper than it’s ever been, so if you’re looking for a tablet upgrade today this might be the one to pick.

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