‘Minecraft Dungeons’ will arrive in April 2020

‘Minecraft Dungeons’ will arrive in April 2020

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Game developer Mojang last year unexpectedly announced that was working on Minecraft Dungeons — a blocky take on classic dungeon crawlers. Now we know when we can finally expect to land. Initially slated for 2019, Microsoft now says the game will be arriving on Xbox One, PC, Switch and PS4 in April next year.

The game touts the distinct Minecraft look and feel, but turns the series’ traditional formula on its head. Instead of letting players’ imaginations loose on a vast, open canvas, Dungeons is an adventure game, filled with quests, characters, items and enemies, and can be played by up to four people online.

Dungeons is something of a passion project for the small team at Mojang, but it’s not the only Minecraft spin-off around. Mojang was also responsible for Minecraft: Story Mode, the narrative-driven adventure game that proved pretty popular when was first launched in 2015.

According to Microsoft’s most recent — and rather vague — trailer, players that sign up via Mojang’s website will be in with the chance of playing Dungeons first, perhaps at a beta ahead of the official launch in April. Although when exactly that will be is still unclear.

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