Fortnite: Save the World’s new area is a dungeon crawl

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Epic Games

Battle royale may be the most popular mode on Fortnite, but the world still needs saving — and now there’s a new way to do it: dungeons. Fornite: the World has got a new subterranean area to explore, nestled within Hexylvania. Players can new weapons and magical loot, plus recruit new heroes to help them battle the hordes of monsters which — like all dungeon crawlers — stand in the way of the ultimate boss. The dungeons are available now.

Also in today’s Fortnite update, mysterious hero Swamp Knight makes his debut, as does melee master Mermonster Ken. The Mythic Storm King is on the rampage, but bringing him down will earn you some of his mighty weapons, and , there’s a crossover quest with the newly-announced RPG Battle Breakers. Complete missions to unlock Fortnite-related content within the game and be in with the of winning the Razer, the game’s dagger master, as a hero.

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