Heart Analzyer’s new Apple Watch app puts detailed data on your wrist

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Helix Apps

Your Apple Watch can provide some health data on wrist, but not a lot — and even the Health app on your iPhone will only say so much. There may be an if you’re looking for more comprehensive data on your watch, though. Helix Apps has released a revamped Heart Analyzer app for the Apple Watch that lets you dive deep into ticker’s data without reaching into your pocket. You can get rich graphs for both your recent and daily heart rate info, and track your activity and cardio data for the past week if you need a longer-term view. If you’re a fitness maven, you’ll also get a slew of detailed workout info from the past week as well.

There are improvements for the iPhone as well, including half-month heart reports, support for breaks in workout data and a screenshot for day graphs in case you want to share them with others.

Heart Analyzer is free to download, although there are in-app purchases ($2 each) to unlock extended data, deeper analytics and app customization. It might be worth a glimpse if you’re either closely monitoring your heart health or want to know if you’re making the most of gym sessions.

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