Nest Hello’s holiday and winter ringtones are live

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It’s been almost a month since Halloween, and it may be time to switch your Nest Hello doorbell tune from “cackling witch” to something more season appropriate. Google has rolled out a collection of winter ringtones for the smart doorbell, just like it did for Halloween back in October. The selection includes holiday tones for Hanukkah, like the sounds of a dreidel, and Christmas, like the ringtone versions of Deck the Halls and Joy to the World, but it also has nondenominational winter sounds.

Some ringtones feature the sounds of cold winds and sleighbells — there are also ringtones perfect for New Year’s Eve parties, including one that features Auld Lang Syne. You don’t have to choose just one, because you can easily switch between tones with the tap of a button if you want to spice things up when all your Black Friday packages arrive. Finally, the Google-owned brand says a Google Nest speaker and a with visitor announcement enables will also play the tone you choose when someone rings your Nest Hello.

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