‘Steven Universe: Unleash the Light’ arrives on Apple Arcade

There’s now a way to continue the Steven Universe role-playing saga — if you have Apple gear. Cartoon Network has released Steven Universe: Unleash the Light as an Apple Arcade title for Apple TV, iOS devices and Macs. The game has you once again leading Steven and pals, this time as they fight two Prism-toting Gems who threaten to disrupt the peace you so hard for the last time. The network isn’t skimping on talent — the story is co-written by SU creator Rebecca Sugar, and touts voice acting from the TV show’s cast.

The mechanics will be familiar if you’ve tried the game before. You control six of the series’ characters (including, of course, Steven) as they participate in JRPG-style battles for the fate of the galaxy. You can set formations and choose abilities that tip fights in your favor, including combo attacks and “Gem Fusions” that merge characters into new entities like Rainbow Quartz 2.0 and Sunstone. It’s not a radical break, then, but it’s also part of a $5 all-you-can-play subscription — if you’re already inclined to use Apple Arcade, it won’t hurt much to give the game a spin.

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