Rip Curl and Surfline team up to serve videos of your surf sessions

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It’s easy to track your surfing, but recording for posterity is much harder unless you have a friend who’s willing to film from the beach. Surfline and Rip Curl want to make it as simple as launching an app. They’ve partnered a Surfline Sessions feature that sends of your ride to your iPhone (sorry, Android users). If you’re wearing one of Rip Curl’s Search GPS 2 watches, pair it with the Surfline Sessions app and subscribe to Surfline Premium, you’ll receive videos of each wave ride conducted in front of one of Surfline’s 600-plus worldwide cameras. You can study your surfing technique (or just brag) before you’ve even loaded your board in the car.

This isn’t a trivial investment when you’re looking at $300 for the watch and another $8 per month for Surfline. With that said, could be worthwhile if you’re either trying to improve your surfing skills or like to share your clips. And if you’re not inclined to use a Search GPS 2, you’ll be glad to know that Surfline is readying partnerships with other companies and plans to announce them in the “coming year.”

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