Elektron’s Model:Samples groovebox is $100 off for the holidays


Elektron’s synths, samplers, drum machines and grooveboxes are known for their top-notch sound and unique sequencing features. Once thing they’re not known for, though, is being affordable. The Model:Samples is the big exception to that rule. And it’s getting even cheaper for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Most retailers have knocked $100 of the price, bringing the Model:Samples price to just $299 — making it perhaps the best bargain in grooveboxes right now.

Buy Model:Samples on Sweetwater – $299

The Model:Sample has six monophonic tracks for playing back samples of drums, synths, or anything your heart desires. While its limited on-board sample editing features are a bit of a bummer, its rich and complex sequencer makes sure that things never get boring or robotic. Plus, since it’s largely one-knob per function, its actually quite useable for live performances. We really liked the Model:Samples when we it back in March. We made it clear that there were tradeoffs compared to other Elektron gear. But it kept the most important feature — the sequencer — and brought the price within reach of more casual hobbyists.

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