TunnelBear discounts a year of VPN service to $50

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stockcam via Getty Images

If you’re concerned about privacy of your internet access or just want to access foreign like you’re a local, a VPN can help — and thankfully, you might not have to early to use one. TunnelBear is running a weekend sale that offers a year of VPN service for $50, or just shy of $10 off the usual price. That nets you 256-bit encryption on up to five connected devices with unlimited data, and there won’t be logs to help hackers or suspicious governments trace your activity.

The promo is expected to last through December 2nd (aka Cyber Monday), so you’ll want to act quickly if you like the idea of using a VPN to protect your internet traffic.

TunnelBear isn’t necessarily the most advanced VPN available, but it is one of the easier-to-use examples with apps for virtually every major platform and a plain-language approach. The company also vows never to monitor activity and gets yearly independent security audits. While that doesn’t guarantee that the service will be completely bulletproof, it could be ideal if you’re a VPN rookie who wants some added security without fuss.

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