Get a year of Disney+ for $10 off on Cyber Monday

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If you’re on the fence about whether to get a Disney+ subscription with access to all the Star Wars movies, Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, The Mandalorian and a lot more, now might be the time. A one year Disney+ subscription is now available for $59.99 on Cyber Monday for one day only, or $5 per month. That’s $10 off the normal $69.99 price.

On top of recent Disney and Marvel content, you’ll get access to National Geographic and Pixar shows, along with Disney’s extensive vault of cartoons, nature programming, documentaries and more. The $59.99 yearly price includes 4K and Dolby Vision HDR (despite reports of poor HDR implementation on some shows). By contrast, you’ll pay $16 per month to get 4K and HDR on Netflix.

So far, Disney+ has nearly 500 films and 7,500 episodes for viewing, though you won’t get Netflix’s diversity of content. That’s exactly why today might be a good day to get it at a discount — by the time your one-year subscription is up, Disney will no have no doubt greatly expanded its programming. The $59.99 offer expires at 11:59PM ET on Monday, December 2nd.

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