The Mercedes GLS is an exciting SUV (but you wouldn’t know by looking at it)

The old adage, “jack of all trades, of none” is generally considered a warning against trying to be or do many things. But, that didn’t dissuade Mercedes-Benz from giving the 2020 GLS SUV as many features as possible, including its amazing MBUX infotainment system and adaptive suspension system. While the majority of the time, the vehicle will be cruising on the highway and dodging shopping carts in the parking lots of boutique shopping districts, it’s also an SUV that’s ready to traverses the mountains when society goes sideways.

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Engadget Score






  • Impressive on-road and off-road capabilities
  • The MBUX infotainment system continues to be the best in the business
  • The comfort and luxury you expect from Mercedes-Benz
  • Pricey
  • Boring styling


The Mercedes GLS is a luxury SUV that mixes off-road capabilities, traditional opulence and tech into a package that’s fun to drive and even better to ride in. MBUX is still the best infotainment system on the road and the E-Active Body Control makes short work of bumps in the road using cameras and 3D mapping. But expect to shell out a lot of cash for the chance to do so.

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