It looks like BMW will drop its Apple CarPlay fees

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For years BMW has charged customers for to Apple CarPlay. Initially, the automaker charged a $300 lifetime fee, but this summer, it introduced a yearly subscription at per year. That didn’t go over well drivers, especially because Apple doesn’t charge car manufactures a fee to use CarPlay. Now, BMW says it will no longer charge a subscription fee for cars equipped with Apple Car Play in the US.

While Apple doesn’t charge a fee for CarPlay, integrating the tech into infotainment systems does lead to additional costs for car manufacturers. Now, BMW will likely factor that cost into vehicles’ list and lease prices, rather than charging additional fees.

According to Autocar, CarPlay won’t be in all models. The i3 and i8, for instance, will still need to purchase a lifetime subscription.

Update 12//2019 2:10PM ET: BMW confirmed that it will no longer charge a subscription fee for cars equipped Apple Car Play in the US. “BMW is always looking to satisfy our customers’ needs and this policy change is intended to provide them with a better ownership experience,” a BMW spokesperson told Engadget in an email.

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