Peloton’s Apple Watch app will offer detailed metrics for indoor runs

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Ethan Miller via Getty Images

If you’re a Peloton fan, you might be pleased to learn the has released an Apple Watch app. Though you would have already been able to view exercise data via Watch’s native workout tracker, the Watch app should offer more options and detailed metrics.

“Track your heart rate in all workouts and your pace and distance during indoor runs. These improved controls and metrics are easily accessible, so you’ll never have to slow down during a workout,” Peloton wrote in the App Store regarding the Watch app. So, the app seems to be most effective for workouts on Peloton’s treadmill for now.

In May, Peloton added GPS tracking and outdoor metrics to the iPhone app, which also offers audio-guided runs backed by music. Having those features on the Apple Watch app would be useful for Peloton users who try to get in workouts outside, especially if they’d rather not carry their iPhone while pounding the pavement. Still, this is a starting point for the Apple Watch app, and it’ll probably offer more options down the line.

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