Google groups news results by story to show you relevant articles

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Google is making it a little easier to sift through news stories — and potentially find more informative stories in the process. It’s rolling out a search feature that uses AI to organize news articles by story in carousels. This not only helps you focus on a specific topic, but increases the chances that you’ll see stories with different or deeper perspectives. You might be at less risk of trapping yourself in a news bubble.

The news reorganization is available now, starting with mobile devices for English speakers in the US. It’ll other countries and languages in the “coming months.”

Google’s shuffle comes as part of a larger effort to promote quality news and otherwise burnish its search engine’s reputation amid mounting concerns about misinformation. This isn’t just about improving your experience, in that light. It’s also meant to please governments worried about political meddling and publishers who have a less-than-friendly relationship with Google.

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