Apple’s latest acquisition could lead to crisper iPhone photos

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Chris Velazco/Engadget

Apple has reportedly purchased a UK-based startup, and it could lead to brighter and sharper iPhone photos. According to Bloomberg, the tech giant has snapped up Spectral Edge Ltd., based on filings which show that Apple is now in control of the company. Spectral developed a technology that takes infrared shots and blends them with standard photos using machine learning to produce crisper images with more accurate colors.

A TechCrunch profile of the startup from 2018 said the technology can be embedded in software or in silicon. Its potential applications include enhancing low light smartphone images, as well as improving grainy security camera or drone footage. It’s unclear how much money changed hands, but the writeup also said Spectral raised $5.3 million in funding last year. As Bloomberg notes, Apple could incorporate what Spectral’s technology can do into its AI for photography, though we won’t find out for sure until Apple rolls out new features or announces its next iPhones.

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