Roland’s Alexa-powered keyboard is available for $500

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It took nearly an entire year, but Roland’s voice-savvy GO:PIANO keyboard is now available. Spend $500 (and enable a Roland skill) and you use Alexa to choose sounds, turn on the metronome and control numerous other settings while you play — you don’t have to lift your fingers off the keys or wade through indecipherable menus. This also turns your keyboard into a full-fledged Alexa speaker, making it one of the few Amazon-powered devices that you can use to perform alongside the music you’re listening to.

The keyboard is semi-portable at 8.8 pounds and supports battery power, although you’ll lose Alexa support when you aren’t plugged in. Roland offers a Piano Partner 2 app for Android and iOS to help you master the instrument on your own terms. This isn’t a trivial purchase by any means, but it might worthwhile if you like practicing with recorded music, hate cryptic menus, or just want to ask about the weather without leaving your seat.

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