The new ‘Control’ game mode is live right now

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Remedy Entertainment

The second planned update for Control, Expeditions, is live now in conjunction with The Game Awards. Expeditions are a new game mode that thrust Jesse, the main character, into an alternate dimension connected to the Black Rock Quarry and overrun with the Hiss.

Access Expeditions after completing the main My Brother’s Keeper mission, via the jukebox hidden in a in Central Executive. You’ll need tokens to operate the jukebox, and these are earned by them, completing Bureau Alerts and Board Countermeasures, vanquishing targeted enemies, and completing Expeditions. Expeditions are 25 minutes long, and if you die, you lose your progress entirely and will have to acquire another token to jump back inside the jukebox.

Expeditions are part two or a four-part DLC plan culminating in an expansion that’s definitely tied to Alan Wake, Remedy’s other popular game.

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