Recommended Reading: The science fiction of William Gibson

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Michael O’Shea

How William Gibson keeps his science fiction real
Joshua Rothman,
The New Yorker

While a lot of sci-fi is obsessed with the distant future, one of the best authors of the genre takes a different approach. The New Yorker explains how William Gibson “has imagined the near future more convincingly than anyone else” to create his stories. That includes his concept of “cyberspace” that first appeared in his work in the early 1980s.

Billboard Woman of the Decade Taylor Swift: ‘I do want my music to live on’
Jason Lipshutz,

Taylor Swift is in the middle of a heated battle with her former label over the rights to her masters. She’s planning to re-record them in 2020, but that’s just part of the saga. Her could change artist rights for years to come.

How ‘Fleabag’ became the defining comedy of 2019
Kate Lloyd,
The Ringer

The Ringer looks back at the Emmy-winning series with the story of how a show staff were concerned about became arguably the biggest comedy of the year.

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