Apple Arcade is now available as a $50 yearly subscription

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Apple Arcade is already a fairly good value at $5 per month, but it’s now more affordable still — provided you’re willing to make a deeper commitment, that is. has noticed that you now have the option of a $50 annual subscription (£50 in the UK and €50 in the EU) that should save you about $10 per year. Much like Apple Music’s yearly plan, this makes the most sense if you expect to stay subscribed and don’t mind paying up front.

Is it worthwhile? Probably, if you regularly play games on your Apple gear. Apple has been steadily adding to Arcade’s lineup over time, and the titles tend to be intriguing ones like Sayonara Wild Hearts, Skate City (above) and Ultimate Rivals: The Rink. You could be -rewarded if Apple maintains its emphasis on quality and unique content. Of course, that is a big “if” — and this could be a tougher sell if you prefer to play on dedicated consoles instead of your phone or tablet.

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