Spotify recaps 10 years of pop music in ‘The Decade Wrapped’ podcast

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Earlier this month, music fans took to social media to share their results from Spotify’s Wrapped campaign. The streaming service created infographics that depicted each user’s favorite artists, songs and genres, as well as data points like the countries where their most-listened-to bands were from. To keep the hype rolling, Spotify has just released a 10-episode podcast called The Decade Wrapped. Each entry covers one year of pop music between 2010 and 2019 and features commentary from critics, comedians and music journalists.

The first three episodes of The Decade Wrapped are already available, and the remaining seven will be released daily starting on Tuesday. Overviews for each are already up on Spotify’s website, so if you’re curious, you can check out who came out on top and which songs listeners most frequently streamed.

The decade saw the breakthrough of artists like Drake and Ariana Grande, plus the explosion of K-pop and bands like BTS. The Decade Wrapped sounds like a fun way to relive those moments — as long as your taste falls squarely within the top 40.

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