Segway-Ninebot adds electric scooter, moped options

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Ninebot acquired Segway and its personal transports a few years ago, but now the companies combined transportation aspirations are growing up with two devices announced ahead of CES 2020. The Ninebot eMoped and eScooter can both carry riders for miles, and will come in a range of models depending on your needs.

The eMoped (above) is described as a “smart electric bike” that comes in three versions, with a keyless airlock system that lets riders unlock it and take off by unlocking it with NFC. Its storage compartment is big enough to hold one helmet inside, and the high-end C80 model can travel up to 46 miles on a charge with the 24Ah battery inside.


The eScooter is Ninebot’s first one intended for mid- to long-range use, and it can hit 24 MPH in four seconds. There are five variants, with a top-of-the-line E200P model with a 62 MPH top speed and estimated 124 mile range from its 54Ah battery.

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