How would you score IKEA’s SYMFONISK?

We’ve reviewed a lot of products on Engadget, from drones to automobiles, but the Sonos-powered SYMFONISK were the first IKEA products we’ve officially ranked and scored. The two models of speakers — one that doubles as a lamp and the other designed to sit on your bookshelf — were positively received by senior editor Nicole . Though she preferred the sound on the lamp model, Nicole was impressed by their style and ability to work well within an existing multi-room audio setup. Despite their lack of a native smart assistant and no default dimming, the duo earned overall scores of 86 and 84 — largely due to their reasonable pricing.

A lot of Engadget readers pride themselves on being early adopters; if you were one of the folks who took a chance on either of these SYMFONISK speakers, we are genuinely curious to hear your thoughts. Which unit did you buy, and why? Do you like the sound quality? Did you pair your speaker to an existing Alexa- or Google Assistant-enabled speaker? And did you shell out for the remote? Tell your fellow readers all the ins and outs in your own user review on the IKEA SYMFONISK product ! After all, no one knows a product better than the person who purchased it, so chime in with all your thoughts and impressions.

Note: are off for this post, however, we’d love to hear your opinions and reviews on our product pages for the IKEA SYMFONISK (lamp) (bookshelf)!

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