Your emoji selection will become more gender-inclusive this year

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The Unicode Consortium has revealed 117 new emoji for 020, and they’ll make your emoji arsenal more inclusive than ever. Some of the additions have the potential to make conversations with friends more fun, such as the smiling face with a single tear and the hand with pinched fingers known as the “Italian hand gesture.” This batch also adds new skintone and gender-inclusive options for existing emoji, such as the veil, the tuxedo and the feeding baby emoji. At the moment, those emoji only portrays a woman, a man and a woman, respectively.

The transgender flag and symbol are also coming to devices as part of the new batch. Google and Microsoft backed the proposal to add the trans flag and symbol last year, and in it the tech giants wrote: “[We] believe that adding an emoji illustrative to our life experiences isn’t just about creating technology that should be accessible to everyone — it’s about fostering culture that is inclusive of users around world.”

Other notable additions are the ninja emoji, the realistic looking heart and lung emoji and the bubble tea emoji. It’s still unclear when the new batch is making its way to users. Just take note that they may look different from the samples seen here, depending on your device and the platform or website you’re using.

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