You can still watch the Super Bowl for free on Roku

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Cliff Hawkins via Getty Images

Last night, Fox apps were pulled from Roku, which left users who were planning to Bowl LIV via those apps scrambling. While Fox and Roku work out their differences, the NFL says there is nothing to worry about. The league will stream the game via its free Roku app, NFL spokesman Alex Riethmiller told Fast Company.

There is one caveat: the NFL app won’t stream the game 4K HDR. If you refuse to watch the big game in anything but 4K, you can check out our guide to watching the Super Bowl via cable and satellite TV, streaming or online livestreams.

The Fox and Roku dispute began yesterday when Fox sent an email to its customers telling them the standalone Fox apps wouldn’t be available as of 31st, due to an agreement between the companies expiring. A Fox spokesperson called the notification a “poorly timed negotiating ploy” and “a naked effort to use its customers as pawns.” Regardless of how this ends for Fox and Roku, you don’t need to worry about missing out on the gameday action.

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