Apple’s latest iPad mini is down to an all-time low of $350 at Amazon

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Chris Velazco/Engadget

Like the idea of Apple’s small-but-speedy iPad mini, but don’t want to a $70 premium over the usual price of the larger entry-level iPad? You might not have to. Amazon is running a sale that lops $49 off the price of the iPad mini, bringing it to a new price (for the store) of $350 for the 64GB WiFi model. You’ll see a comparable discount on the 256GB model, too, although the deals aren’t nearly as for cellular buyers (just $34 off the 256GB variant).

This still makes the mini more expensive than the base 10.2-inch iPad, especially if you can find a sale on the bigger device, but the price cut might prove tempting depending on you’re looking for. While it’s smaller, the iPad mini packs a much faster A12 processor, a higher-quality display and better storage options. You still have similar cameras and first-gen Pencil support. And for some, the mini’s diminutive 7.9-inch screen may be a plus — this is the iPad you can easily hold on the bus or stuff into your bag. If you don’t mind the absence of an official keyboard , this might be a better choice than its larger-screened counterparts.

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