Ford thinks the Mustang Mach-E’s frunk is a good tailgate cooler

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Super Bowl LIV is still fresh in many people’s memories, but that isn’t stopping Ford from trying to capitalize on next year’s . The company is drumming up hype for the Mustang Mach-E by suggesting that would-be buyers use the electric crossover’s frunk as a cooler for tailgate parties — no, it’s not kidding. It claims the front trunk is equivalent to a 36-gallon cooler, the drain cap lets you fit ridiculous quantities of football-friendly food that otherwise wouldn’t be an option. Ever wanted to carry mounts of shrimp, or wings you could serve just by popping the hood of your SUV? Probably not, but that isn’t stopping Ford’s imagination from running wild.

This likely won’t lead to a significant uptick in reservations ahead of the Mach-E’s late 2020 debut. First… ew. And if that isn’t a factor, there’s a good possibility that you have better (or at least, more sanitary) to use 4.8 cubic feet of free space. This does highlight the practicality of frunks in EVs, though. If there’s any serious complaint, it’s that the Mach-E doesn’t appear to have an equivalent to Tesla’s party mode. Can you get on that, Ford?

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