Samsung fully reveals the foldable Galaxy Z Flip after weeks of leaks

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Chris Velazco / Engadget

Samsung announced its first folding phone one year ago — and the year that followed was tumultuous, to say the least. The Galaxy Fold’s fragile design caused major delays, and its high price made many question exactly who this phone was for. The troubles haven’t stopped Samsung from trying again, though: the company just announced the Galaxy Z Flip, its latest folding phone that has a design that’s extremely similar to Motorola’s recently-revived Razr.

Numerous leaks have given us a good idea of the Galaxy Z Flip’s design, features a giant 6.7-inch screen when it’s open. It’s nearly square when closed, and there’s a tiny screen on the back for notifications. It also lets you take a selfie when the phone is closed. The main display goes nearly edge-to-edge, without the big “chin” you’ll find on the Razr. When it’s open, you can see the same sort of hinge crease that was found on the Galaxy Fold, but this time out Samsung is using very thin glass rather than the plastic covering found on the Fold.

The phone features a three-stop hinge, so you can hold it open at three different angles — not just open and closed. There’s also a a “flex” mode that lets you have different parts of an app running on two halves of the display. One example Samsung gave was watching a YouTube video on the top half and comments on the bottom half. (Speaking of YouTube, Samsung is including a free subscription to YouTube Premium, as well.)

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