With the original THR line of guitar amps, Yamaha basically invented a new product category: the connected desktop amplifier. It filled a need that honestly many guitar players didn’t even realize they had. These amplifiers are small enough to sit on a table or desk, they sound even at low volumes and they’re stylish enough that you won’t feel compelled to hide them when company comes over. You don’t have to search long or hard to find people singing their praises. I bought one a couple years ago and have zero regrets.

But the THR amps weren’t without flaws. And in the nine years since they were introduced, the competition has caught up. The highly revered Roland Katana line made a play for the space with the Air. And the iconic Vox brand introduced Adio. So Yamaha announced the THR II in September with new features, new amp models and a rich new app in the hopes of not only keeping pace but also showing the competition it’s still the benchmark for tiny amps.