Watch the opening to ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ right here

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Square Enix

Arguably Square Enix’s biggest project yet creeps towards it (delayed) launch date, and to keep everyone interested, we get to see what is apparently the entirety of the opening movie for Final Fantasy VII Remake.

If your connection isn’t quite up to watching it, the trailer is divided into two parts. There’s firstly a world-setting section, as industrial progress, big machines and street covering the same ground as the original FFVII‘s intro, with Aeris the girl and the Avalanche rebels pulling into a nearby power reactor, ready to literally blow shit up. It doesn’t differ too much from the source material — at least yet — but offers a glimpse into how the team will try to balance the same story with the expectations (and advances) of a Triple-A game in 2020.

And, in case you forget, it all comes out April 10th.

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