Amazon’s Fire tablets for kids are back to their lowest-ever pricing

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Now might be a good time to go shopping if ’re looking for a tablet to keep your kids entertained and educated. Amazon has dropped the prices on its Kids Edition tablets to Black Friday levels, making tempting options if you’re looking for a basic but child-friendly slate. The entry Fire 7 Kids Edition represents the biggest bargain, dropping from its usual $100 to a more appealing $60. The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is still a good deal, though, falling from $130 to $80. And if you want the largest model possible, you can save $50 on the Fire HD 10 Kids Edition and pick one up for $150. Similar deals exist for two-packs if there’s more than one tyke in your household.

You’ll find deals on the standard tablets as well, although they aren’t as huge. The Fire 7 is down to $40, while the Fire HD 8 is yours for $60. The Fire HD 10 is the best deal at $110, or $0 off.

All these tablets are the same underneath. While they’re not speedy and don’t have as rich a selection of apps as most Android tablets, they’re solid tablets for media consumption and some games. The Kids Edition tablets mainly add extras that will help them survive little hands — there’s a “Kid-Proof” case with a stand, a 2-year no-questions-asked warranty and a year’s access to FreeTime Unlimited. They might do the trick if you’re worried about broken electronics and want your kids to have a host of age-appropriate content right out of the box.

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