The synth tones of ‘Blade Runner’ now fit on your desk

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Black Corporation

Yamaha’s CS-80 is of the biggest synths ever — whether in size, tone or resale price. Most notably remembered for being Vangelis’ go-to instrument when composing the score for Blade Runner, the 220-pound behemoth sells for over $20,000 on the secondhand market. Black Corporation designed a replicant of the CS-80 a few years ago, and though it wowed musicians, its bulky rackmount format was a turnoff. Deckard’s Dream MK2 shrinks the synth down into a desktop format, which will be easier for bedroom producers to integrate into their studios.

The MK2 has all the features of the MK1 — the smaller size doesn’t mean Black Corporation skimped on the specs. In fact, there are new controls for the synth’s sustain mode and timing features. It comes with detachable wooden side panels and can also slot into a rack like the MK1. If you want to hear the MK1 in action, check out the video below.

Deckard’s Dream MK2 will cost $,749. That’s a lot, even for an analog polysynth, but compared to the cost of an original CS-80 in good condition, one could see it as a steal. For those not ready to drop thousands of dollars on a synth, Arturia’s CS-80 V plug-in ($150) does a fantastic job of recreating the massive tones that are synonymous with Blade Runner.

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