Grab Fitbit’s Inspire HR fitness tracker for only $70

Grab Fitbit’s Inspire HR fitness tracker for only

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Fitbit Inspire HR


It’s more important than ever to stay fit — and thankfully, you won’t have to pay a lot to keep tabs on that fitness. Fitbit’s Inspire HR activity tracker is on sale at Walmart for $70, or $30 off its usual price. You can also find it for $70 on Amazon. That’s about as low as prices have gone for the wearable, and they make it a tempting buy when Fitbit normally sells a basic Inspire without heart rate monitoring for the same amount.

Buy Fitbit Inspire HR on Walmart – $70

The Inspire HR is a mostly frill-free tracker that focuses on step counts, calories and other fundamentals. You won’t find perks like built-in GPS (though it can use your phone) or on-screen workouts here. Heart rate monitoring can be very useful for optimizing your workouts and monitoring stress, however, and this model improves on the basic Inspire with sleep tracking, goal-based exercise modes and workout intensity maps. At $70, it’s easier to justify than a smartwatch if you’re mainly interested in quantifying your exercise.

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