Sunday, November 29, 2020


Major ‘The Last of Us Part II’ leak appears to show pivotal cutscenes

‘The of Us II’ appears to

The Last of Us: Part II


Oh boy. A massive amount of The Last of Us Part II footage appears to have leaked online, showing gameplay, menus and multiple cutscenes that contain crucial narrative moments. The leak’s authenticity hasn’t been confirmed by Sony or Naughty Dog, the developer behind both The Last of Us and the immensely popular Uncharted series. The gorgeous character models and voice work suggest the videos are real, though. The leak reportedly originated on YouTube and has since been removed. Various Reddit threads covering the leak have been taken down, however links to the remain on popular gaming forums including ResetEra.

The Last of Us was a groundbreaking game that followed Joel and Ellie, two unlikely companions, as they traveled across a post-apocalyptic version of the US overrun by fungus-infected and usually cannibalistic creature. A wonderfully-remastered version was released for PlayStation 4 in 2014 and a TV adaptation was announced with HBO last month. The highly anticipated sequel was confirmed in December 2016 and, following a preview event last September, originally scheduled to come out in February 2020. The release date was shuffled back to May 29th, though, and then delayed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. As Kotaku reported, the studio has been crunching for months to finish the game.

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