Save up to $300 on 2018 iPad Pro models at B&H

Save up to $300 on 2018 iPad Pro models at B&H

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2018 iPad Pro

Chris Velazco / Engadget

If you’ve been waiting to get a sizeable discount on 2018 iPad Pro after Apple announced the new 2020 model last month, B&H may have what you’re looking for. retailer has discounted most of its 2018 iPad Pro stock by at least $100.

A couple of deals stick out. To start, you can get $150 off the 11-inch, WiFi-only model with 256GB of storage. With discount, the usually $949 tablet is $799 at the moment. Another option worth looking at is getting the space gray 12.9-inch model with 64GB of storage for $799. For most people, 64GB is probably too little storage for their needs, but if you want larger display, this is a good way to get it for $200 off. For reference, the 2020 12.9 iPad Pro starts at $999, though it comes with a base 128GB of storage. 

Buy 11-inch iPad Pro at B&H – $799

Buy 12.9-inch iPad Pro at B&H – $799

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Engadget’s Chris Velazco gave 2018 iPad Pro a score of 84 when it first came out. He particularly liked updated Apple Pencil and the iPad Pro’s smooth 120Hz refresh rate display. Most of the issues he had with the 2018 model’s software Apple has since addressed with the release of iPadOS.  

While we don’t usually recommend people buy an older device over its newer sibling, the differences between the 2018 and 2020 iPad Pro are few and far between. The new tablet features an additional ultra-wide angle camera as well as support for LiDAR mapping. It also comes with an updated A12 chipset that features an extra processing core. Those additions don’t make the 2020 iPad Pro immediately better than its predecessor, but they do promise a future in which the new iPad Pro will be able to do more. That said, trackpad support, the best feature Apple added with the 2020 iPad Pro, is available on the 2018 model through a free software update that came out last month. Either way, the iPad Pro is one of the best tablets you can buy currently.  

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